Pete Townshend – Face Dances Part Two

0 Pete Townshend   Face Dances Part TwoPromo video from “All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes” album plus commentary.

Duration : 0:6:42

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24 Responses to Pete Townshend – Face Dances Part Two

  1. LesPaulZoso94 says:

    0:44-1:19 <3 <3 <3 …
    0:44-1:19 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <

  2. Slick12298 says:

    lol he was gonna …
    lol he was gonna chainsaw the bread @ 4:30 bhahahahahaa

  3. scottthedott says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the great memory!

  4. xyaqua says:

    Oh my god, i always …
    Oh my god, i always fail to remember how cool pete townshend’s art is, tenth muse, the muse of pop: townshenia

  5. kingsergio128 says:

    why wasnt this a …
    why wasnt this a who song???

  6. DRALEX113 says:

    Hey thanks for …
    Hey thanks for telling people the truth! Pete is the greatest! happy Holidays!

  7. Drewski2112 says:

    Aggressive shaving …
    Aggressive shaving here.

  8. naturalpro2003 says:

    @MokoMikoMako  …
    @MokoMikoMako  Thank you for the update. I stand corrected.

  9. MokoMikoMako says:

    He wasn’t acquitted …
    He wasn’t acquitted, being as he was never charged with anything.

  10. naturalpro2003 says:

    @Polica40 From …
    @Polica40 From what I understand he claimed he was doing research for a movie he was producing about child porn. That was his excuse for downloading the junk. Pete was busted for it the same as Gary Glitter. Pete was acquitted, I believe.

  11. beccawheeler91 says:

    What a great video …
    What a great video and song! Living in Morro Bay at 19 this song and album were very important to me. Long Live Pete!!!!!!!!

  12. nasuslafter10 says:

    I saw this promo …
    I saw this promo film on MTV back in 1982 and loved it! So glad to see it again! Pete’s the best!

  13. petebrun50 says:

    try it but dont do …
    try it but dont do it like in video make them scrambled

  14. tomthefunky says:

    @petebrun50: No, …
    @petebrun50: No, leftover Chinese food comes out great in a microwave, that’s about it. Reheating food is all a micro is good for.
    But what’s great about this video, is that in 1982, microwave ovens were all the rage. So were VCR’s. I remember when VCR’s were the size of small suitcases, weighed a ton, and cost close to a grand.

  15. petebrun50 says:

    eggs come out great …
    eggs come out great in the micowave

  16. JohnnyCxviii says:

    No one quite like …
    No one quite like Pete…and I mean that in the most complimentary fashion.

  17. 5150zac says:

    i love pete …
    i love pete townshend he is ROCK

  18. idieinelevators says:

    Great. song and …
    Great. song and vid, but seriously… MICROWAVED EGGS AND BACON?!?!?!!

  19. ystrianka says:

    he looks bloody …
    he looks bloody handsome at 37 hehe, i guess he gets better with the pass of the years, i mean until ’82 :D i love pete! 2:58

  20. Polica40 says:

    Someone knows …
    Someone knows something about the accusations of pedophilia some time ago against the old Pete?

  21. michaelanthonyshow says:

    Love  the song. …
    Love  the song. Love the video.

  22. tomthefunky says:

    I remember watching …
    I remember watching this with my dad after I bought this movie. He started laughing when Pete put bacon and eggs in the microwave. WHO PUT’S RAW BACON AND EGGS IN A MICROWAVE?? I also love when he cuts an orange without peeling it, puts the orange in the cuisinart, chops it up and then leaves it in the sink. What the fuck?

  23. muttilo says:

    No .Love the …
    No .Love the Bearded Pete of the 70′s but he mixed it up and went HANDSOME here for 82 and Bless Mr PETE !!

  24. russell111 says:

    Definetly. Would be …
    Definetly. Would be in my top 10 list of albums from the 80′s.

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