LEAKED: Nokia PR 2.0 preview, Chinese and English Version. (1/2)

0 LEAKED: Nokia PR 2.0 preview, Chinese and English Version. (1/2)Good news guys, we have got PR 2.0 – Symbian Anna update for Nokia N8 (Product Code: 059D2S8) though it is the Chinese and English version, but still it works fine, we have tested it on our Nokia N8 by flashing it with Phoenix.
Download Symbian PR 2.0 for Nokia N8 from http://www.filesonic.com/file/1404156244/%28N8FanClub.com%29N8%20RM-596%20PR%202.0%20FW%2022.014%20Chinese%20Symbian%20Anna%20Product%20Code%20059D2S8.rar and follow this tutorial http://www.n8fanclub.com/2011/06/how-to-flash-and-hack-nokia-n8-with.html to flash your Nokia N8 with the latest Symbian Anna Firmware.

Features of this firmware:

Doesn’t have Split Screen Keyboard.
It has both English and Chinese languages.
You can update to the official version which would be available at the End of August via Phoenix
You can flash it on any Nokia N8 with any Product code
Can be hacked using Hello OX 2.11 to avoid certificate errors and enables installation of unsigned files

Risk and Responsibility:

Since this one is the leaked version, it may have some bugs and might be un-stable, though we haven’t noticed any major bugs in the firmware. Your phone’s warranty may void by adapting this method. We encourage you to wait for the official Symbian Anna Release at the end of August this year. We bear no responsibility of any damage caused to your phone using this method of update.

Duration : 0:6:0

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24 Responses to LEAKED: Nokia PR 2.0 preview, Chinese and English Version. (1/2)

  1. realme19 says:

    u cant downgrade …
    u cant downgrade or upgrade with ovi suite , only with phoenix when u download official version for your phone product code.

  2. n73gamer says:

    wow thank you for …
    wow thank you for your reply :P
    i flashed the phone today with this firmware :D
    its much better than PR 1.2
    normally i use a german version from switzerland, does that mean if i update viaovi suite it turns back being german? that would be awesome :P

  3. n73gamer says:

    does the nokia …
    does the nokia software updater still works after this flash?
    because now i want to flash anna on my n8, but when the official version comes out, it would be nice to just update FOTA and have the official version again..or is it possible to flash back to the PR 1.2 and then use the software updater?
    or is it like; if i flash it once, i’ll be never more able to use the normal software updater?
    thx n73gamer

  4. sherifhmdy says:

    just new theme and …
    just new theme and qwerty pad f*** nokia

  5. StylinRed says:

    ur canadien!
    ur canadien!

  6. realme19 says:

    it is a little bit …
    it is a little bit better , not instant but it is ok.

  7. Nanozander says:

    4:18 There’s no …
    4:18 There’s no split screen input…. This sucks. So there’s a seperate API for split screen input cause it seems like only the browser and SMS application is able to do so.?

  8. originalmos says:

    I know, you use …
    I know, you use android with 1.5 GHz processor !! :p :p :p

  9. originalmos says:

    I will post for …
    I will post for this some hours later !! :)

  10. originalmos says:

    NOT !! it must be …
    NOT !! it must be ?? :)

  11. 123vat123 says:

    try installing 50 + …
    try installing 50 +apps and you will see the lagg

  12. rabin273 says:

    Is the multi touch …
    Is the multi touch in the keyboard ?!

  13. kylefivetwothree says:

    PLMN?! >>Public …
    PLMN?! >>Public land mobile network

  14. kylefivetwothree says:


  15. mulalicanes says:

    Did anyone notice …
    Did anyone notice that when you create a custom folder in the main menu and u fill it with lots of apps it takes forever to open it (PR 1.2) … And does anyone know if this is fixed with 2.0?

  16. glenlimzijie says:

    actually it is come …
    actually it is come from a china phone forum
    anyway,i flashed it already,and its good…
    sorry for my bad english=)

  17. cintaaleesya says:

    i will wait for …
    i will wait for official release by nokia..almost months waiting..should more patient to wait for end of august..(if nokia being honest la….)

  18. s60v3zone says:

    Thanks for giving a …
    Thanks for giving a back-link. Greetings from N8FanClub(dot)com

  19. originalmos says:

    I installed some …
    I installed some apps and it dosen’t see any problem.

    Maybe there is problem at some apps, what can I say !! :) :) :)

  20. originalmos says:

    I have installer …
    I have installer only nokia maps and hasn’t problem, ovi store dosen’t work.

    I will try to install angry birds rio to see if it is ok, and I will post here, no I don’t use Hello OX !! :)

  21. MoheyMojito says:

    Thanks a lot for …
    Thanks a lot for the video man, u showed all the differences between anna and pr1.2 clearly.

    but did u hack it using Hello OX 2.11 yet? and can u install apps without bugs?


  22. originalmos says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your comments my friends. :D :D :D :D

    I MUST also tell that the new mail it is really perfect, fast and stable….

    Do you agree with this ??

  23. toshkabg3 says:

    Also, thank you …
    Also, thank you for the help! If it weren’t you i wouldn’t be using it right now… :D

  24. toshkabg3 says:

    I installed it too …
    I installed it too.. It’s very nice! :D

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