Forced late term abortion in China causes international outrage

0 Forced late term abortion in China causes international outrageIn China, there’s outrage over a forced abortion done in China. A family couldn’t pay the fine for having a second child.

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25 Responses to Forced late term abortion in China causes international outrage

  1. MonkeyMagic88 says:

    Communism is Jewish
    Communism is Jewish

  2. allords1 says:

    A country with a …
    A country with a policy that perpetrates such depraved and shameful destruction on its unborn is a nation in the process of committing suicide. All the money in China will not rehabilitate its reputation or buy its people a future when it destroys its own humanity.

  3. Florenz Wu says:

    The dad names Deng …
    The dad names Deng Jiyuan.And the mum’s name is Feng Jianmei.

  4. dianalynbautista says:

    Apologize? Your …
    Apologize? Your apologize can’t paid the pain your country brought to those women who suffered. THEY ARE YOUR COUNTRYMEN.

  5. TheRogerrabbit86 says:

    Stop One Nation One …
    Stop One Nation One Baby. China you are now an open window to the world after the Commonwealth games. That baby might not even belong to you if the parents decided to leave the country. If you continue this, UN will close your door again and you can rot inside.

  6. horsie111 says:

    “New Zealand …
    “New Zealand remains a strong supporter of the United Nations Population Fund and the International Planned Parenthood Federation. We are providing an increasing amount of resources to both these international population agencies (in 2005 over NZ $6million to UNFPA and NZ$1.3M to IPPF).”–Helen Clark (now #3 at the UN)

    The UNFPA and IPPF whitewash China’s abuse of Chinese women. Google the quote to read Helen Clark’s speech of monumental hypocrisy.

    Western feminists are racist authoritarians.

  7. kessmypersainass says:

    THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERY ONE ON THIS PLANET…!!!! learn how to share…we do not have another planet to run to

  8. kungfupandaDarren says:

    The one child …
    The one child policy is completely unnecessary and descriminates against ethnic minorities and working class people, the way to bring the population down is through economic development – this is an act which is worse than what the nazis did.

  9. Themius719 says:

    dumDass?? really?

    dumDass?? really?

    Yep nutcase..

  10. LiAO2011 says:

    I am Chinese, I …
    I am Chinese, I know the rules are not applied to those who are local officials or could pull some strings, it is purely about money; there’s a “birth planning bureau”, if they collect the money, they’d let you give birth “licence”. otherwise they kill the baby, there’s been tens of billions of dollars of money been collected, but they refuse to answer where the money went. secondly, this is not law, it is “policy”. Nazi Germany has had a policy to cleanse a certain people, do you approve it?

  11. Dreamzxforever says:

    What makes this …
    What makes this worse is the fact that they took several pictures of the dead baby next to the mother…for everyone to see and for the mother to see. Do they not understand the emotional and mental damage that she’s already dealing with?!

  12. RideMehAgs says:

    If there was no one …
    If there was no one child policy, China would be very soon overpopulated. Where we gon send em Asians? Russia? Will they like over fifty million more kids being born everyday in their country? Eventually they will run out of space for the Chinese population.

  13. jzfeline says:

    I personally find …
    I personally find this outraging and i do feel sorry for the family. But its there fault coz they already knew the consequences of what this could do. They knew what would happen if they have another child and they should of propaired for the consequences beforehand. I know its easier said then done but rules are rules, we cant change them and their there for the better. They could of avoided all this if they stuck with the rules in the first place. its a mixed opinion topic so i had my say :L

  14. dagger2throat says:

    yep and I got my …
    yep and I got my papers to prove it but you’re a dumdass with blinds over your eyes if you believe anything CNN tells you!!!! you Themius and enjoy your radiation that Obama is keeping from us!! CNN how about telling the American people about the Fukushima fallout and I’ll give you an inch of respect but not more!!

  15. getgeoclose says:

    We need another …
    We need another planet to spread out and stretch our legs.

  16. byJessCh says:

    they killed 1 …
    they killed 1 person. they will burn in hell!

  17. BulletShogun says:

    Communism is a lie!
    Communism is a lie!

  18. kangsan2014 says:

    There are 1 billion …
    There are 1 billion 400 million people in China. They should overthrow their garbage government. Easy to do when their are that many living beings in a country that size.

  19. janejn7788 says:

    The order was given …
    The order was given.
    Surely it’s not a work of one person.
    Operating threater personal, doctor, nurse, law enforcement people etc.
    Soulless people

  20. bballgirlj955 says:

    Saying that all …
    Saying that all Chinese are evil just makes you ignorant…grow up learn something before you judge an entire race of people.

  21. TheTaberLion says:

    I have no doubts …
    I have no doubts that in today’s world more people would be in an uproar if this was about a dog. The sick spirit of the majority of people today really doesn’t care about human life more than someone’s pet.

  22. TheTaberLion says:

    So the evil Chinese …
    So the evil Chinese create a law for parents to pay money for having more than one child and will “murder” the child if the parents can’t pay. That is on the same level as “extortion”. And extortion and murder is the “best” they can think of to solve a population explosion (laughing).

  23. eschompthis says:

    Murderers hiding …
    Murderers hiding behind the law. 

  24. Themius719 says:

    Nut case…
    Nut case…

  25. freetobemenoapology says:

    This is so sad. Wow …
    This is so sad. Wow. I’m really amazed. Where’s the morality?

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