China Forced Abortion On 5 Month Pregnant Woman Or Pay Fine!

0 China Forced Abortion On 5 Month Pregnant Woman Or Pay Fine!$24,000 dollars is the fine or get a “Government Forced Abortion” and also also links

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23 Responses to China Forced Abortion On 5 Month Pregnant Woman Or Pay Fine!

  1. believerofYeshua says:

    My prayers are with …
    My prayers are with you and your family Sam! My heart ache at those who choose to reject God’s Word as truth. God said do NOT add or take away from HIs word. God Bless you Sam. May God show you the truth and the mysteries of His Word:)

  2. believerofYeshua says:

    Its clear you do …
    Its clear you do not spend time in the Word! The bible tells us to study to show thyself approved!!! I’m going to tell you this one more time and hope your closed mind will get it: get a pen and a bible: Origin of man=Africa (whites tell us to go back where we came from..maybe they should do the same since you came from Africa!) Need scripture?Gen 2:13(Ethiopia) Most of Genesis took place in Egypt=Africa Jeremiah 8:21 BLACK….Song of Solomon 1:5=BLACK; JOB 30:30= BLACK…no brown skin whites!

  3. Samuel Lewis says:

    No racist mind will …
    No racist mind will be accepted in the Kingdom of God. Stop being so judgmental towards everyone, I am currently sat with the Word as I do daily. The Song of Solomon you are reading was his wife, talk to a Torah studying Jew. Genesis 2:13 refers to this land as the land of Cush, the descendant of Ham. Jeremiah 8:21 was referring to how they felt, read the hebrew. Job 30:30 is obvious, if his skin went black and peeled how was he black in the first place. What do you have against the white man?

  4. popacapnyoass says:

    lol, it probably …
    lol, it probably will be my blood.

  5. abdullazeidan says:

    b4 u talk about the …
    b4 u talk about the chinese commies realise that your goverment aint doin any better : if we all looked in the mirror we will realise whats wrong with humanity : US! humans and our lack of self improvment dialouge … OH and jews hurt christianity more than commies in china jews killed your prophet jesus PBUH soul

  6. Samuel Lewis says:

    Jesus was shemitic, …
    Jesus was shemitic, I agree that the aryan Jesus is a disgrace and Cesare Borgia was portrayed as Christ by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 14th century but this doesn’t mean Jesus was the opposite of white being black, we are all sons of Adam. Jesus was semitic, (shemitic). The sons of Abraham was Isaac and Ishmael, think of europe and the middle east. Arabs are sons of Ishmael, the lost tribes of Israel migrated east. Follow the truth and not your own will or agenda, I did this long before you.

  7. Samuel Lewis says:

    You’ve clearly read …
    You’ve clearly read a lot on the internet and much from the mouths of the black hebrew Israelite groups. Listen, semitic is found in the Bible, semites are the descendants of Shem, shemitic. I also used to think black people were the lost tribes, but the scripture 1:5 of the Song of Solomon actually implies he had a brownish complexion more so in the hebrew. All the white people today are descendants of the Shem and have lost their complex due to migration. Our ancestors were and are hamitic.

  8. Samuel Lewis says:

    Reflect this on …
    Reflect this on yourself brother, not on others. God bless you, my prayers are with you.

  9. PatrickBateman215 says:

    also, like …
    also, like this user and all of you need to stop worrying about what the other countries do or what people choose do to with their lives. Gods whole thing is Judge Not, unless You be Judge yourself….half of you assholes break that rule on a daily basis.

  10. PatrickBateman215 says:

    ALl you bible …
    ALl you bible thumpers are morons. Where is your proof that a man with mystical powers rose from the dead three days later after being killed? Continue Supporting the Churches that allow their priest to rape your kids.

  11. believerofYeshua says:

    PROVERBS 1:22 HOW …

  12. believerofYeshua says:

    Semitic can be …
    Semitic can be found in the bible wheeereeee?!? Exactly! Solomon who is the son of King David was black…Jesus came through David’s lineage. So hate to break the truth to you that “Hollywood’s” version of the portrayal of Jesus and Cleopatra is one of a racist and ignorant point of view. Again, the bible’s origin takes place in Africa, original race was black. Joseph hid Jesus in Egypt! How can you hide among a people you look nothing like?Matt 2:13

  13. Samuel Lewis says:

    You are not Jesus.

    You are not Jesus.
    What you say is the truth and what the scripture says is the truth are entirely different things, but you will not listen to wisdom. No one who is part of the Kingdom of God (which has already come) will have racism in their heart. I admire your zeal but in your zealousness you have judged me, brother, and therefore you may as well have killed me. Open your mind, be discerning, listen, and humbly see how small you are in the vastness of His glory. James 3:1

  14. Samuel Lewis says:

    The Holy Spirit is …
    The Holy Spirit is God, no one is born of God until they come to know Jesus. The hebrews were not merely black they were a people of different ethnicity’s, when it got to Shem, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob these were not the descendants of ham as you claim, they were semitic.

  15. believerofYeshua says:

    I can certainly …
    I can certainly understand how the truth can hurt…hey they rejected Jesus and HIS truth. Listen my friend, the TRUTH is NOT going to STOP being the truth because SAMUEL LEWIS don’t like it….it don’t work like keep thinking that you can get into the Kingdom of God with RACISM in your heart and we’ll see whose unlearned in the Word of GOD:) God Bless You son!

  16. Yihetuan says:

    Communist countries …
    Communist countries like the Soviet Union and China criminalized homosexuality, banned sexual education and extramarital sex, and “lewd” content was banned in their media, and in Maoist China birth control and abortion were banned, after Mao’s death when the pro capitalist right wing Deng Xiaoping introduced capitalist reforms to China the one child policy was introduced

    christian conservatives= religious communists

  17. Yihetuan says:

    or they might get …
    or they might get your blood.

  18. Samuel Lewis says:

    Listen my friend, …
    Listen my friend, only God knows our hearts, and you are not God. I was very much like you once, treating myself as a teacher. Your own conscience is not the Holy Spirit. I urge to to spend some serious time with the Father and reflect on yourself in a mature approach and perhaps find some fellowship within your area. This can be difficult but you have to stop telling others how to be, I am also mixed ethnicity, you may well be very gifted, just use what you’ve been given wisely, be blessed.

  19. pammyla66 says:

    its soon going to …
    its soon going to be that way here

  20. C.J. Rubio says:

    Pastor i wanna be …
    Pastor i wanna be saved

  21. MsFlowerwow says:

    I am not saying all …
    I am not saying all the people in CHINA as they are beautiful people but they need to get real and call for a revolution. They cannot allow a government to speak for them and to control their lives this way.

  22. julieturcios41 says:

    Yeah, thats why …
    Yeah, thats why they say they may have killed the doctor that fines the cure for cancer or someone important like that. All those babies were ment for something.
    We are only the caregivers not the owners. God is the true Parent of the precious lil lives. I seen the babies growing up in my church and give a prayer for them and those now with the Lord.

  23. NickelsBuckingBulls says:

    I see. Tim Tebow …
    I see. Tim Tebow was the Heisman trophy winner in college football. That is now proving himself in the pro ranks. The doctors told his mother she should abort him before he was born. Proves how great GOD is.

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