Journey to the East – Zhang Cuiying, An Exceptional Contemporary Chinese Painter

0 Journey to the East   Zhang Cuiying, An Exceptional Contemporary Chinese PainterFor higher resolution watch / to watch more on youtube : choose playlist and then “Journey to the east”

Zhang Cui Ying has received numerous prizes and awards. Zhang’s painting Before Winter Sets In was awarded second place in the 1986 “National Poetry Based Painting Competition” organised by the “Literature and Painting Magazine”. The Artist painted a lady sitting next to the window in deep thought. When Zhang went to pick up the prize, everyone was shocked, they had expected the artist to be an old man and never guessed it would be a girl in her twenties! Zhang Cui Ying’s works can be seen published in newspapers and magazines in China and overseas and are also part of the collection in the book “Shanghai’s Talented Middle Age and Youth Painters and Calligraphers”.

Zhang Cui Ying’s One Hundred Koalas is not only a mascot but a treasure to Australia; lively, agile, natural and innocent. This painting, over 5 meters long, has received an Award of Excellence in the Chinese Wash Paintings for the Gold Awards category of the First Asia and the Pacific Competition.

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5 Responses to Journey to the East – Zhang Cuiying, An Exceptional Contemporary Chinese Painter

  1. KoArtPro says:

    quite nice
    quite nice

  2. sibelmj says:

    thank to this time …
    thank to this time of program we can learn from other culture, their art, food and more.
    It is only a coward that cannot use the English language to express an opinion but just show uncontrolled and small minded rhetoric.
    I will definitely look for this artist’s work Thank you again.

  3. silbone says:

    is not as good as …
    is not as good as i thought.. but is veery good

  4. Froz3nSeraphim says:

    This is Wonderful, …
    This is Wonderful, Falun Dafa Hao!

  5. swedanica says:

    Wonderful …
    Wonderful presentation of a graceous and extraordinary artist.

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