Chinese painting material

0 Chinese painting materialink and color

Duration : 0:7:22

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20 Responses to Chinese painting material

  1. JevgenijsIvanovs says:

    Where I can buy ” …
    Where I can buy “Marie’s Painting Colour”? 20 packs?

    I am from Europe – Latvia

  2. XChineseNewYearX says:

    Ok, thats fine, …
    Ok, thats fine, thank you!!

  3. IanPolerCP says:

    Thank you!
    Thank you!

  4. yanghaiying says:

    Yes. They are. I …
    Yes. They are. I sell them on my online shop.

  5. IanPolerCP says:

    Are these the …
    Are these the chinese painting colors that you used in the video “Painting/Calligraphy – Bambbo with flathead brush” ?

  6. yanghaiying says:

    I do not have time …
    I do not have time to take care of online shop now. If you need anything, write a wish list, I will send you pictures of products.

  7. XChineseNewYearX says:

    Dear HaiYing,

    Dear HaiYing,
    Are all of your products for sale on your esty website? Or do you have another store? Thank you!!!

  8. yanghaiying says:

    Yes, exactly, Is …
    Yes, exactly, Is this ok? let’s talk about it and let me ship it out today.

  9. angixm says:

    Ni Hao Haiying!
    Is …

    Ni Hao Haiying!
    Is this the same stone that you
    are wanting to send to us?
    Xie Xie Ni

  10. angixm says:

    Ni Hao Haiying!
    Is …

    Ni Hao Haiying!
    Is this the same stone that you
    are wanting to send to us?
    Xie Xie Ni

  11. shaunmc3433 says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your reply and no, I’m not offended. You gave me exactly the answer I was looking for.

    The reason I asked was because I have been thinking of taking up this kind of caligraphy and painting as a hobby but I am completely unfamiliar with the materials. I had no idea how long the materials should last. But the fact that you used the same ink stick for ten years makes this ultra affordable for me.


  12. yanghaiying says:

    I really do not …
    I really do not know how long an ink stick will last. For one, I use one ink stick for 10 year and it is still there. Why do you need to replace? It you do not use it often, it does not worth to buy. $10 is too cheap for collection, and too much for random use. Please excuse me if I sound like offending you. Thank you.

  13. shaunmc3433 says:

    If you use it …
    If you use it steadily, how long will an ink stick last? $10 per stick is a little steep for something I might need to replace a couple times a week. Especially if I’m using multiple colors for my projects.


  14. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    This is excellent …
    This is excellent the way you have very concisely explained about the maries paints. THis is superb for anyone new.
    Brilliant work again. :)

  15. wolfydan121 says:

    i am very excited! …
    i am very excited! i am going to be purchasing some supplies from you soon! would you reccomend the ink stick or liquid ink for a beginner like myself? also, i was wondering which set of brushes would be best for a beginner? and what is the difference between a hair brush and feather brush in painting? i hope to collect one of each when (if) i become good at painting! they are all so beautiful, with their own purpose!

  16. ciaraowns says:

    i just received the …
    i just received the paint in the mail today and it’s the same one as the ones you are using! Maybe you sent me a telepathic message to help me select them. . .

  17. yanghaiying says:

    wrap with plastic …
    wrap with plastic tape.

  18. yanghaiying says:

    100 grams.
    100 grams.

  19. h2w156789 says:

    just another quick …
    just another quick question, how do i take care of my ink stick?

  20. h2w156789 says:

    how big is the …
    how big is the bottle? couldn’t see it.

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