Cursive Style Chinese Calligraphy Demo with Datong Xu

0 Cursive Style Chinese Calligraphy Demo with Datong XuDatong is my classmate at Nanjing Univ. He currently teaches Chinese calligraphy and painting in Tucson, AZ. We have been good friends for thirty years. Recently he visited our home in LA and had great time doing painting and calligraphy together. I took this video of him writing a cursive style Chinese Calligraphy and
would like to share it with my YouTube channel viwers. In Chinese art esthetics, calligraphy and painting are of common origin. The mulberry tree fiber paper is good for painting and also for calligraphy.

Duration : 0:1:27

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12 Responses to Cursive Style Chinese Calligraphy Demo with Datong Xu

  1. 05werewolf says:

    thumbs up if you …
    thumbs up if you saved this video on your favorites (Y)

  2. kszeki says:

    It need to learn …
    It need to learn the Chinese traditional characters first and then study how to read the Chinese characters in different period of time. I guess the master was wroting 草書?

  3. wolfydan121 says:

    lol, i keep …
    lol, i keep forgetting this isnt just my acc, lol, (im wolfy, dans my bf, lol) but i’d have to agree kinda, many japanese men are both sweet and good looking! (and women, theyre so pretty!)

  4. BushiBato says:

    when you talking …
    when you talking not enough is called Feibai,flying white,and it is a very difficult technique,but can’t you tell he knows what he is doing?,he keeps dipping his brush the same way each time,he wants it to look that way.

  5. BushiBato says:

    i have told many …
    i have told many people that same thing,and not just from being obsessed,but because i seem to have known the culture already as i encountered it. P.S. don’t forget one of the best parts….the women!!

  6. rabbit9206 says:

    When you writing …
    When you writing that not enough ink

  7. scifigrl23 says:

    Can anyone actually …
    Can anyone actually read that or is it more for veiwing?

  8. kyayaki says:

    i mastered this …
    i mastered this style of calligraphy when i was 13. i practiced it with my grandmother. she is also good at watercolor and drawing with pencil.

  9. AcTiOnBaStArDsays says:

    Wow I can’t even …
    Wow I can’t even write cursive in english.

  10. 18p324 says:

    what texts is this
    what texts is this

  11. wolfydan121 says:

    :-( i wish i could …
    :-( i wish i could buy that, but i live in australia, i love both chinese and japanese painting and calligraphy! (and their food, culture, traditional clothing, martial arts…lol! i mustve been asian in a past life because im obsessed!)

  12. natyshu95 says:

    my grandpa knew how …
    my grandpa knew how to do this too
    thats awesome

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