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Ideas for a vintage tea party?

Im having a vintage themed party for my birthday. I need ideas on how to entertain my guests. My mum and sister are in charge of the cooking. Batten burg, french fancies, etc Anyway, i had the idea of a … Continue reading

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Which is the best free online translator from English to traditional Chinese characters?

I have started Chinese Calligraphy and google translate is NOT the nicest translator to use, for example: Google gave me this translation for the sentance below: 猴子是頑皮的所有 (Monkey is playful to all) -But instead google translate has given me: "Naughty … Continue reading

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Can You Help Me Identify These Japanese and Chinese Paintings?

I have some Japanese & Chinese Paintings and I’d like to identify them if possible. Please see for more info and for photos of the works. Thank you it is easy,you can just identify them from the language they … Continue reading

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