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What do the numbers on the bottom of china wear mean?

I have a collection of Fine China made in poland, the manufactures name is Wawel. I wanted to know when the numbers on the bottom of the dishes stand for. Thank you for your time. Those are firing numbers, indicating … Continue reading

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What is a good subtopic to write about on chinese calligraphy/art?

I’m writing an essay about chinese calligraphy/art. So far, my subtopics are: Chinese Calligraphy, chinese painting, seals, and the materials used. what is another subtopic I can write about? Oh, I know the very good one. You should write about … Continue reading

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How do you create a watercolour seal?

In Chinese Paintings a seal is used for the signature. I would like to create one using a symbol I have create but not sure how to make one? I would like it to be a seal that can be … Continue reading

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