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A fine music I heard when I was in Wuxi (it’s so relaxing)

We was in one of d’famous garden in Wuxi, and we did a request to played a song for us, and they did it. The music was totally relaxing. I can fall asleep jst to hear that. hehehe… Duration : … Continue reading

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Famous Chinese painter and calligrapher Qi Gong 启功 (part 1)

Qi Gong has been one of the most famous artists in Chinese Calligraphy and painting since mid 20th century till his passing in 2005. Duration : 0:4:25 Technorati Tags: art, China, Chinese, Gong, master, painting, Qi

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Arts: Ancient Chinese Art –

Maxwell Hearn, the new head of Asian Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, demonstrates the ancient art of understanding and appreciating Chinese scroll paintings. Related Article: Please visit to embed this video. Watch more videos at … Continue reading

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Can newspaper stain fine china?

I am wanting to store my Fine China but I don’t want it to get stained. But I also do not want to risk it breaking. the print might stain the china

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What to say about Chinese calligraphy?

I need to write about chinese caligraphy as an art form. I’m not what to do with this topic, do you have any suggestions as to what my thesis should be? I was thinking of including things like The start … Continue reading

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What are some famous Chinese paintings that you can give a good presentation on?

Probably one of the most famous paintings is the "Qing Ming Shang He Tu" (Life along the river during the Qing Ming Festival). It was painted during the Song Dynasty (12th century) by Zhang Zeduan. It’s an ink on silk … Continue reading

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