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ACWS Plymouth – Energy Team in fine form

Saturday marks one week to go until the start of the America’s Cup World Series – Plymouth and the French Energy Team took the spotlight today. Duration : 0:1:45 Technorati Tags: aleph, america’s cup, artermis racing, Bertrand Pace, catamaran, charlie … Continue reading

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Making a Chinese Calligraphy Brush. The Process. “Wishing Brush.”

Looking to buy a particularly special Calligraphy Brush? You may not do very much better than buy one from Master Lin. His work seems to be impressive and, as a family business, would seem to show the signs of … Continue reading

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Chinese Painting Tutorial: Spotted Owl (selling on eBay)

Sumi ink and watercolor on Japanese Rice Paper. Brushes used: set of three fountain brush pens: wolf hair brush for the feather and tree trunk; nylon brush for details and tree leaves; combination brush for the color washes. Sumi ink, … Continue reading

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Blog and Article Marketing for Building Informational Links

When it comes search engines, google is still the king, and they are doing everything they can to maintain their lead,   in the name of providing more relevant search results for it’s users, google engineers published blog post which … Continue reading

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Authority (Lyrics) – 116 (ft. Lecrae, Tedashii, PRo, and KB)

Title: Authority Artist: 116 Album: Man Up My lyrics are probably off a little, so comment if you see a mistake!! Go grab it on iTunes now!! Lyrics: If you can’t follow you can never lead And you don’t run … Continue reading

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Forbidden City: Chinese Calligraphy Brush Sets for Beginners / Custom Box Sets #1

Chinese Calligraphy and painting supplies Forbidden City – Four Treasures video episodes – Discussing the combinations of brush sets and kits with Robert Bo, Dallas, Texas – worlds largest wholesale of Four Treasures e-Bay: Robert Bo 薄先生 (972) 758-7238 … Continue reading

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How to Paint Trees in Chinese Brush Painting with Watercolor and Sumi Ink

This video in an new interpretation of the basic “four branches” concept of traditional Chinese brush painting in painting trees. You may search Youtube to find many computer generated trees and landscapes based on a very simple fractal element. In … Continue reading

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I’m looking for anyone that might want to get rid of a set of fine china called April Rose made in Japan ?

I would like to add to my collection for a fair price! For $3000 ya i do

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Can I draw a Chinese landscape with a Calligraphy pen?

I love to draw and want to get better. Would using a Calligraphy pen to draw Chinese landscapes look good? I have seen Calligraphy brushes, but I think that is too hard to set up everyday! Please help me! My … Continue reading

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Is there anyone willing to spare me a Chinese Painting Brush..?

I live in England, is there any possibility that you might be able to spare a hand of perhaps having a chinese brush. I’ve seen lots of Chinese Paintings and I would like to practise them too. I love the … Continue reading

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