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Wedding Glass Ideas There are often four glasses at wedding place settings, including a water glass, a red wine glass, a white wine glass and a champagne flute. Include the proper glassware for a place setting with help from a special event … Continue reading

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Gold Pigment 金粉書法 Chinese Calligraphy on Cerulean & Red Xuan Paper

Gold pigments used in this video Google search: 金粉書法 or gold pigment calligraphy “Centered Tip Principle” for Chinese calligraphy writing Due to the tackiness and density of the gold pigment powder, I made a rare exception to the … Continue reading

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Traditional Chinese Painting -Chinese flower bird painting – Pure Chinese Art! Nothing more.

The same as the previous video but the final FLV was processed with a clever-or-not timelapse filter which seems to take an average of the scene and smooth wrap the image with its moving parts. On painting videos what this … Continue reading

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No Nonsense Contextual Links Will Boost Your Search Rank

Google made big changes to the ways their search results rank,   in the hope of furnishing it’s search users better results, according to their official blog, this change impacts 11.8% organic search results, in another word, google thinks about … Continue reading

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What are those strange cups I see in charity shops; shallow, wide, two handles usually fine china?

My grandad used to drink his tea from his saucer. If they weren’t so "refined"-looking I might guess those cups were for something similar; allowing the liquid to cool. And by the way, tea drunk from a saucer is delicious. … Continue reading

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Is there any difference between Japanese and Chinese calligraphy brushes and ink?

Also, why is it advised to use dry ink instead of bottled ink (liquid)? I believe that there are slight differences, but nothing a novice would notice. I use both Chinese and Japanese brushes. Bottled ink has more glue in … Continue reading

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Anyone interested in wonderful Chinese handwritings and paintings?

If you me Here’re batch of wonderful works for decoration in various places.New works,new designs and new opportunities! I love Chinese writting and paintings but giving my e-mail address is a bit of a no no and who … Continue reading

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A Chinese Version Transformer – The Liberation Truck

The original 9 meters tall sculpture made by Heng Bi from China central academic of fine arts as the graduation project. The video made by HanHan from China central academic of fine arts Duration : 0:1:21 Technorati Tags: 中央美院原创三国版Transformers3D动画

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Kanji Chinese Calligraphy by my Mother-in-law(1/2) for original calligraph or go to for rice paper, brush and sumi ink. Duration : 0:9:51 Technorati Tags: chinese calligraphy, Japanese Calligraphy, Kanji

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Chinese Landscape Painting 26

Chinese painting DVD samples – landscape, rocks, mountains, and trees with colors and calligraphy techniques Duration : 0:2:20 Technorati Tags: book, calligraphy, Chinese, color, design, DVD, material, painting, watercolor

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