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Is there a website for Fine Bone China Crown Victorian from Staffordshire, England somewhere?

I purchased a sugar & creamer set and broke the sugar bowl. On the back of the saucer it has a crown at the top and underneath it says: Fine Bone China, Crown Victorian, Staffordshire England. Does anyone know if … Continue reading

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Does Chinese calligraphy includes punctuation marks?

If most/all languages, they include punctuation marks. Since punctuation marks, and pinyin were introduced to the Chinese language, does calligraphy include punctuation marks? No, Chinese Calligraphy with brushes does not have punctuation marks. The proof is here:,r:4,s:0&tx=79&ty=92,r:2,s:35&biw=1280&bih=717

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What goes into the signing of a Chinese painting?

I would like to know if the chop marks used in Chinese Paintings usually say the same thing as the painting characters near it. For example, if an artists signs his/her name in ink, does their chop say the exact … Continue reading

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~SWEET & INNOCENT BRIDAL WEDDING make up look~ Hia Everyone, My makeup brushes are here & available worldwide I hope you enjoy my first bridal make up look. I have some more in this line coming up and cant wait. The products used were: Witch- radiance … Continue reading

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Chinese calligraphy video (1998) in Li Shu

Chinese Calligraphy Clerical Style (Li Shu) recorded in Standard Definition camera in 1998 Duration : 0:1:16 Technorati Tags: calligraphy, character, China, Chinese, history, Kanji, styles, symbol, video

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Peony, Rose, Orchid, and Flowers Chinese painting by Cui Qingguo 06

Famous Chinese painter 崔庆国 teaches Chinese flower and bird paintings Basic skills of watercolor and Chinese Calligraphy are recommended for learning these popular subjects. Duration : 0:8:47 Technorati Tags: art, Bird, Birds, Chinese, fine, Flowers, Orchid, painting, Peony, Rose, watercolor

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What’s the difference between stoneware, earthware, everyday china, and fine china?

If you ant the chemical compunds you should do a google search. Stoneware as a rule is the heaviest type of dinnerware. Earthenware is similar and chips easily if banged, and some of it is not dishwasher safe. Everyday China … Continue reading

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Where could I find information on Chinese Calligraphy?

More specifically, after I finish the piece on "rice" paper how do I mount it in order to preserve it? And how would I make a Chinese scroll? Where to find the information would be awesome too Thanks there are … Continue reading

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In China, is Jesus depicted in paintings and artistic impressions as being of Chinese ethnicity?

Or is it only in westernised society where we incorporate our own ideals and values of what we want Jesus to be, look, wear and act like? If you scroll down this blog page, it has a depiction of Christ … Continue reading

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What is the value of a set of harmony house fine china – starlight 3656?

It is light as air and trimmed in what appears to be silver. I believe it is a full service set for 8, including platters and tea pots. sounds pretty…consult an antique store

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