Luke Holland/Tyler Carter – Fine China

0 Luke Holland/Tyler Carter   Fine ChinaOriginal track by Chris Brown
Track created by Alan Ashby
Vocals and Mixing by Tyler Carter
Drum Composition by Luke Holland
Drums mixed by Cameron Mizell at Chango Studios
Mastered by Brian Meadows at Century Studios
Video by Jeremy Tremp
A massive thank you to everyone who made this happen!

Repping my dudes in Young & Reckless!
This is my last video using Seven Drumworks. After this, I will be using my DW kit!

I am self taught!


Check out my Meinl Cymbals Artist Profile and cymbal setup!

Vater Percussion (I use Fatback 3A’s)

I play drums for THE WORD ALIVE.
Twitter/Instagram – @LukeHollandd

Duration : 0:2:51

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Typing, writing Chinese while falling asleep asmr

0 Typing, writing Chinese while falling asleep asmrTyping, writing Chinese while falling asleep asmr

Duration : 0:14:50

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Chinese brush painting basics – gold fish

0 Chinese brush painting basics   gold fishThe video demonstrates how to paint gold fishes using Chinese brush.

Duration : 0:7:37

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Where to sell fine china in Indianapolis?

We have Lenox Springdale Fine China dinnerware that we’re looking to sell. Are there any good places that we can sell to in Indianapolis or at least a city sort of nearby Indianapolis? Thanks.

I would try an antique store, they are more likely to know about the china than a pawn shop. A antique store or a pawn shop is only going pay you about half the real value (if they even know the value) of the china as they have to resell it and make money themselves.
You could also try an auction house. You will have to pay them a fee for selling your items but you might get a little more at an auction than a antique store or paw shop.
You can also consider Craigslist or Ebay but with those you have to deal with packing and shipping and other hassles.

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Do you like Chinese style paintings?

Just wondering if you find traditional Chinese ink paintings beautiful, especially the landscape and animal ones? Or is western oil painting more cup of your tea.
The thing I don’t like about ink paintings is humans are generally not realistic-looking, it’s not that the ancient painters can’t paint realistically, it just seems they deliberately depict people in a weirdly stylistic way.

I’m into Western oil paintings; I just like to muck about with the paint ,but I do appreciate the talent and dedication it takes to work in ink like the Chinese have done for centuries.

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Ideas for a vintage tea party?

Im having a vintage themed party for my birthday. I need ideas on how to entertain my guests. My mum and sister are in charge of the cooking. Batten burg, french fancies, etc

Anyway, i had the idea of a free raffle. With 5 not-so-expensive prizes lol
I also had the idea of brining out my Fine China tea sets. Which would be awsome, but im scared of them getting broken. Its not a traditional, type of party (like sitting in fancy dresses, sipping tea etc) lol

If anyone has any tips or ideas, please feel free to let me know.

The idea of the china set is great because it matches with vintage style. You can’t have a vintage party with a lot of plastic junk. Maybe you can find an inexpensive tea set in some local thrifty store (get a kid’s tea set, there’s no problem, just don’t get a set too small), or have floral print paper plates (like these: ) at party supplies stores or even at department or discount stores.
Decore the party area with tissue pom poms. You can use teapots as jars by putting delicate flowers inside then place the teapots on stacks of books around the party to add an old fashioned look. You also can create a vintage look by using plastic lace cover over a solid color tablecloth.
As entertainment, make a list of songs with the word "tea" and have the guest to guess the music name or who’s singing, you can divide them into teams. Craft also is a nice idea, set up a table and have your guests to decorate their own tea cups. Use something like this:
Get as many as you need and one who decorate the most beautiful tea cup wins a prize.

Just some ideas, use your imagination and have a fun party!

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Which is the best free online translator from English to traditional Chinese characters?

I have started Chinese Calligraphy and google translate is NOT the nicest translator to use, for example:

Google gave me this translation for the sentance below:

(Monkey is playful to all)

-But instead google translate has given me: "Naughty monkeys are all"

Does anyone know a translator which doesn’t completely screw and F**K up my sentances?


I am an amateur Chinese translator who has translated more than a hundred webpages.
Machine translation is not reliable unless the sentence is very simple.

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Can You Help Me Identify These Japanese and Chinese Paintings?

I have some Japanese & Chinese Paintings and I’d like to identify them if possible. Please see for more info and for photos of the works. Thank you

it is easy,you can just identify them from the language they use,there are so many differences between Chinese character and Japanese.

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What is the value of a 20 piece set of Dynasty China , Dyn4 design?

Just curious of the value of a set of fine china we received. It is Dynasty China and the pattern is Dyn4

posted is a link with pieces of that pattern and prices. they also have a mailing list.

also, you might try ebay.

but keep in mind that things on ebay can garner more money than usual.

"Pattern Dyn4, China Replacements by Dynasty Fine China"

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Have all eastern asian forms of calligraphy been developed from Chinese calligraphy?

I’m researching Eastern Asian calligraphy for an art essay and I don’t know how to begin. Have all eastern asian calligraphic styles evolved from the origins of Chinese Calligraphy in the Shang Dynasty?

If you’re researching, then likely you’ve already read the Wiki article:

Which indeed indicates the first organized use dating to this period.. But there are some indications of earlier usage.
There are several citations for the article which may give your further research materials.

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